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I have a Rubies Jango collector's helmet and am wondering if you guys have an ideas on how to put in a full T-visor and some kind of liner to keep it on straight. Don't need anything fancy, just want it to stay on my head right (and be able to see!) for C3. Thanks!
Computer crash: Lost all ref material "Help" !!

Does anyone have available a ref CD for sale or a well put together link ??

My entire library was lost and I'm especially in need of esb/rotj helmet photos..

I could send payment via PayPal immediately..

Please contact me directly at ManofWarStudios@comcast.net or pm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.

Man of War Studios
well I havent done the instaltion yet but it fits perfictly in my MS helmet. I plan to just hot glue it in. then reinforce it later down the road. it does the job
I'll take a pic os my son's mini Fett helm. I used mirror clips from Lowes. It is a "s" shaped bracket that has a hole on one end. I bent it to fit in the helmet so that after I glue it the visor rests in between the clips. I then can put a "set screw" inplace to hold it permanently.
if you buy some plastic epoxy from home depot, you can put in a much stonger hold on the hardhat liner than regular hot glue. even better you could use thermo plastic. its like super hot glue. thermor plastic is just like the regular hot glue stick, just a different brand and better hold, comes in many different holds(strong, week, ultra...) plus with thermo plastic, it works for installing the visor as well. Have you cut the plastic filler from the old visor to make the space for the new visor?
cut ti with a dremel tool or a razor box cutter, use a TINTED FACE SHIELD for the visor. check online .

also, next time please use the SEARCH feature. it will answer a ton of questions .
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