Helmet switch why? Bad helmets why?


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I have a couple of questions maybe someone can help me with on here.

Can somebody tell me why they used different fett helmets for empire and jedi???

And can somebody on here please tell me why lfl lets done post and rubies create helmets that are cheap and very inaccurate???
As far as DP, Rubies and other licensed helmets....

It depends on which helmets you're talking about? If you look at the early Don Post helmets, they were made for the casual costumer (though the '95 will live-on in all our hearts). People didn't want to spend money on an expensive fiberglass cast replica to go to a Halloween party, or to let their kids play Star Wars. Most people wanted a helmet that's not expensive, and just realistic enough for people to look at them and know who it is!

As the popularity of these items grew, so did the quality and accuracy. We had the Deluxe helmet line, then the Rubies and now the wonderful MR's (I can't wait to get my hands on one of these). Will we ever see a direct 1:1 casting, no. You have enough people trying to pass props off as 'screen-used' as it is.

The other issue is quality of a mass-produced item. A TDH member painted a master ESB helmet for a licensed company.....and he knew then that there would be sacrafices in the final version because they were being produced in quantity.

LOL, i know there is no organization to my above response...I'm just typing stuff as it pops in my head!


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Thanks for that, but with the helmets, I understand, but was also referring to not what there made of, but how poor they look. Like they just did it by looking at a few photos. It could be alot more accurate.

Also, more interested in why they used two totally different helmets for the movies? Paint scheme wise. I suppose it was juust a personal choice by GL, he makes alotta bad ones as it is anyways. But he didnt know SW would become THIS big. evena after jedis release.


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Actually, regarding the mass produced LFL buckets, the DP95 is considered the best one (but it still kinda sucks) they got progressively worse over time, with the Rubies being the biggest piece of junk. These helmets were made because they were considered toys. Look at the action figures, people don't care about accuracy as long as it resembles Fett.


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The entire boba fett suit was stolen from the set of empire strikes back, at least thats what I read somewhere. But you know how the internet is. Someone writes it and all the sudden its true


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I believe that is the prepro version that was stolen, the one with the yellow gauntlet. That why they made the ESB version we know today.

I can't remember why exactly they switched to ROTJ. I did once, but I forgot.
Actually, regarding the mass produced LFL buckets, the DP95 is considered the best one (but it still kinda sucks)
Yeah, i know the '95 was kind of rough, but back then it was my pride-and-joy :D :D :D

I never did have a Rubies, I was not aware of the quality. I owned a '95, a DP Deluxe and then jumped to a SgtF. Good to know!

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didn't they change the costume for jedi to make him more colorful and noticeable since he was getting morer screen time and jabbas palace was so dark?


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I own several Helmets and I gotta say, my DP 96 looks better than the "Mystery" and the MS1 I own. I have pre ordered a MR LE version and can't wait till it arrives!!! they keep pushing the dates till late Nov to early Dec now. even thought the 95-97 DP's are slightly smaller than the new casts we see today, I'll choose my DP 96 to troop in any day. just my opinion ;)