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I've been playing around with possible solutions to the problem of speaker placement on a Fett. I have come up with a few designs for customs Mando's - much like Marrow Sun's Super Commando - where I can mount speakers on the cheeks and blend them in with the rest of the "gear".

When custom building it's obviously a hell of a lot easier to fit the style around the parts you want included.

But this doesn't really help us when it comes to Boba or Jango. So far these are the current set ups I have read about:

  1. Placing an Rs or equivalent amp/speaker in the ammo pouch with a wire running under the flight suit to the helmet fo rthe Mic. - Easy to hide the amp in the pouches, but the sound can be distorted by the material used for the pouch and can sound out of place.
    [*]Installing the amp/speakers in the jet pack - again, the wire etc are kept out of site, but again we have the problem of where the sound is coming from.
  2. Installing everything in the helmet - All contained in one area so not as much wire flowing about, but a lot less space than a TK bucket, and serious feedback issues.
If there are any other major ones I have missed out please let me know.

From looking at the options I have come up with a few of my own. I would really appreciate any feedback, opinions or criticisms on these.

  • Installing an RS amp and mic in the helmet, but removing the existing speaker and replacing it with small speakers that I use for putting in TK Aerators (PM me for details if you want some). The new mini speakers with then be run down to the neck seal and concealed behind the material. This will mean all cabling will be concealed behind the neck seal/in the helmet itself and will allow the sound to appear to originate from the "head area" rather than your hips or elsewhere.
  • My second idea, is to have a similar set up as before, but instead of running the speakers to the neck seal, to have them run down the inside of the vest to the chest diamond. The centre silver area of the chest diamond will be removed and replaced by speaker cloth that will be dyed silver and the speaker will be affixed behind the diamond. Again, all cables with be concealed and the speakers should be far enough away from the mic and amp to alleviate feedback.
Please let me know what you think of these ideas.

As I said, the speakers I use are under 20mm in diameter, and I usually put these inside my TK aerators. I am hoping to have a play about this weekend and will let you know of any progress I make.

In the mean time, if anyone can suggest a good microphone please help me out.


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Huh, as I was reading the first part of your post concerning the problems of the speaker's placement, I was thinking about the same exact solutions that I later read in the second half. Freaked me out.

This is how I setup my last one. It takes a bit of work, but you'll like the results.

The headset mic is still being sold through Radio Shack:

Although I had to add an extra jack to the black amplifier, the smaller white ones already come with a second 'speaker out' jack. I used sticky-back Velcro for the on/off switch, and sewed a small piece of Velcro to the inside of the vest armhole, low enough that I could turn the mic on/off with my hand.

I cut a couple slits in the vest to allow me to glue the second speaker to the back of the abdomen plate (not the chest diamond, as it may be too high on the chest, causing feedback from the mic).

I hope this helps:

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any progress on these. I have wired the speakers up to the amp and input an audio source from my iPod and they work fine. I haven't yet been able to test the location of speaker within the armour, but I will of course keep you updated.

Thanks for your interest
How about hooking up a way to communicate with other Mando folk "helmet to helmet?" I've read that you can buy a set of Motorola Talkabout 2 way radios, a headset/microphone and you're set. The only flaw was that I wanted to mount the radio and any battery packs etc I can fit back there rather than be in my bucket with me. If it's kept back there, how would one be able to easily switch channels on the radio though?

How about one of them throat mics (the kind used for motorcycle intercom)? I believe you'd have less of a feedback issue with such.
Never really tried it though, so I might be wrong...
I had talked to a couple folks about setting up a system so that we can talk to each other with our buckets on, and no one around us realizes it. Apparently a simple solution is for us to buy Motorola Talkabout two way radios and use those. Thoughts? Would that be feasible, and practical? Or is there any easier way to go about it?

I used to use FRS radios in my bucket a few years ago to talk to other guys helmet to helmet. It works pretty well but you need to have easy access to the push to talk button (which is tough with padded Fett gloves on).
How about hooking up a way to communicate with other Mando folk "helmet to helmet?" I've read that you can buy a set of Motorola Talkabout 2 way radios, a headset/microphone and you're set. The only flaw was that I wanted to mount the radio and any battery packs etc I can fit back there rather than be in my bucket with me. If it's kept back there, how would one be able to easily switch channels on the radio though?

How about incorporating the walkie talkie innards into the left gauntlet, and running a headset up through the sleeve? You could put the 'Push to Talk" and channel buttons in the gauntlet so that you could tap it to speak.
I agree with the throat mics. If youre speakers are only 20mm than you could maybe mount two of them facing directly downward next to the Tvisor inside and have a throatmic system hooked up to it.

Now, some of the throat mics they have are gigantic, but I know for a fact they make smaller ones.


Hook up the Radioshack headset like is pictured in an above post and have the speaker VISIBLE under or inside one or both of the ear caps. I mean, in the real star wars universe they are using these mics and amps in a similar fashion and would have a similar problem. If you hooked up two small speakers on the outside of the helmet, facing forwards just on or in the ear caps, then they wouldn't look out of place and would give a good directional sound. Let me get a MS paint done and I'll show you.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot I was on TDH. Used to posting about customs on the Mercs forums. I corrected my theory in the bottom post. Included a way to hide them.

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Ok, here we go. My idea....

Drill a hole or two, just large enough to house your speakers in the right ear cap. Install the speakers so that the cups are flush with the ear cap face. Then hide them with some green fabric that is breathable enough to let sound and air through moderately freely. Example would be T-shirt material or the like.

The material could be glued in, but your best bet and the best way if you would want to maintain them, would be to get O-rings that are just about the right size and stretch the material over it and sew it in the back. Then push the O-ring into the hole.

Drill another hole from the inside of the helmet to the cavity you created for the speakers and get the stuff wired up. Connect it to any apmlifier or power system you need it to and then connect to the headset.

When all is said and done you have a lightweight and concealed system that will have your voice coming loudly and clearly, without feedback, and coming from your head. Simple....if you don't mind drilling into your earcap for whatever reason.....


Not to resurrect a 5 month old dead thread, but does anybody have any updates on progress made?
Also, would converting an Xbox Live headset work for the mic? Still need a speaker though.

Tried searching some and everything was dead from last year, and this thread had more replies...
i still just don't talk much :)

i have an amp that i throw in one of the hip pouches if i REALLY need to project. most of the time people are more impressed that there's amplified audio than they are confused by where it comes from.
I like the idea of hiding the speaker behind the chest diamond. Would work good if you are afraid to drill holes in your helmet. So would that require running a wire through the back of the vest/flak jacket, up behind the neck seal, and then into the helmet?

Has anybody figured out a good way to easily detach/reattach the wire into the mic inside the helmet, so that your lid isn't still tethered and bound to your armor when you take it off your head?
I've not progressed this at all but plan to work on the speaker in the chest diamond idea.

As for the mic, I'll just have the mic on my head at all times so when I take off the helmet there's no tethering
i'm just curious...if you're running these wires all over the place, what are the odds of them short-circuiting because of the sweat thats bound to be made due to the outfit itself?
I've not had any problems with the LED board wires shorting whilst trooping. Plus they would be well insulated in electrical tubing.

Besides people use microphones etc all the time in everyday wear (like the military) and they never have problems with shorting
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