helmet sizes


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Hello there I am a long time lurker and I just recently decided to register. I have a question. I am beginning to work on my mando armor and i thought of something that could be a problem. My head is big and i was wondering how big the don post helmets are and if they come in different sizes. thanks.


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DP95 is the biggest DP out there, unless you go for the fiberglass deluxe. But you can buy a more accurate helmet from a member here with the amount of money deluxes can go for.


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Hi YF14,
I would NOT recommend a DP standard helmet for a "big head." They're significantly smaller than a "movie" sized helmet. I know because I used to own one.
Can't speak for the Deluxe edition, but I agree with Pennywise, talk to the maker he's referring to. I own one of those too. :)