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Well I need to repaint my helmet again. I've read the thread about colors for the ESB helmet, but I get lost and confused. I was wondering if there was a definitive color list approved by the 501st for ESB Boba Fett's helmet ( all portions of it), armor and gauntlets. I have great reference photos, but it seems more like a crap shoot for getting the 501st approved green. Any help or suggestions qould be greatly appreciated.
I dont think there is an 'approved' color scheme for the 501st per-say.
As long as the armor is painted to look like Boba or Jango you will be just fine.
They just dont like the custom Mandos that some people make.

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As long as you stick to the color list that Rouge Studios recomends, you shouldn't have any trouble. I know it can be a bit confusing sometimes, but read through it carefully. Just about everything you need to know is in there.
I would just follow the directions in one of the many helmet painting threads. I'm sure you'll do fine if you go by their info, as many here I'm sure are in the 501st.
Panzer Olive Grun 1942 Is what I find to be best, the RS color list says Panzer Olive Green, wich is a scosh darker, I stumbled upon this other version of the color by ordering the wrong thing and I like it more. His list will save you a lot of trouble. I would get the colors on his list, plus Sand (thats the color for the tan onthe back of the helmet that is missing from that list. Then get a few bottles of flat white and flat black accrilic paint from MJ Designs or Hobby Lobby in the Tshirt paint section (there .47¢ each) and use those to darken and lighten what ever you want to tweek.
from a 501st perspective, i doubt they are going to be concerned with quite the level of detail we aspire to here.

i think that as long as you stick to the same general colors (for example, the back of the ESB one is a blue-green sort of color, so something in that vein), and keep the "signature scratches" in place, you should be good.

by signature scratches, i mean the things that really jump out. for example: not many people are going to notice if your dent is 1/4" too large, but they will notice if you don't have one.
The 501st doesn't have an exact colour they expect. But what they do expect is that it looks like Boba. And as has been mentioned, the 501st has no where near the exacting standards that people here strive for.

I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you that yours won't be accepted. It certainly is never an easy thing for me to do.

You did a fabulous job on your gear, Greg.....you just didn't do Boba.
Hey Moth. Didn't realize this was you before now.

No, it's not the most accurate helmet in the world. On the plus side though, your colors are decent compared to some I've seen. As I said, not 100% accurate but at least you have the right idea going on. Light green on the top and front - darker green on the back - red on the T. I would be suprised if the colors alone would keep you out. The Testors colors are great but not easy for a guy on a budget to find or buy. There are cheaper and more comon versions of those colors in your local Wallyworld or Crappytire.

That being said, your battle damage, although unique and creative, doesn't correspond to anything we have seen on Fett. Good or bad, the 501st focuses on screen seen items. This is one of the reasons why a straight from the Quarter-Master Fett with a clean jumpsuit and ZERO battle damage would have a hard time getting in. You're both on opposite sides of the spectrum with Fett being closer to the middle.

Is the damage actually dremelled into the helmet?

I'm there for you if you need any help or advice. To be honest, I don't envy any new people trying to join the 501st right now. It should be noted that none of the Mandalorians in our Garrison (myself foremost with my first Jodo Kast suit) would be accepted if we applied today.(in our original submission photos at least)
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Jodo is right, Greg. I definitely wouldn't be accepted if I applied with my old gear right now. And my new gear, although I'm pretty certain it would be accepted, it is nowhere near the standards that these guys here hold. That's why it's the never ending project. Always a work in progress.
Thanks guys for the input (especially BH 333 and Jodo), I was frustrated for a parsec but I'm getting all excited to paint again. So with any luck (and if I don't go crazy with the damage again) I will have my new pics posted for you guys to take a look at and give me some feedback.
BFett333 said:
Ya know we luv ya, Greg!

I don't but that's only because you're dating my future bride. :lol:

Just kidding ner vod. Udesii! Hang in there. I never would have guessed that it was a Rubies if you hadn't said anything.
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