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hi all,
just thought i'd show you all what i did a while back. just now took some pics. :rolleyes it isn't completely done. It's an original DP 97 that I have fixed up a bit. the earcaps aren't finished and the weathering isn't completely done. I am also thinking about replacing/fixing the visor. I'd appreciate any feedback and comments(good or bad ;)).
thanks for looking. :)

heres the front of the helmet
Front Helmet(esb).jpg

heres the right side
RSide Helmet(esb).jpg

the back
Back Helm(esb).jpg

the left side

the top
Top Helm(esb).jpg

thanks again for looking. sorry if the pics aren't the greatest :((haven't quite mastered the new digi-camera).

*edit* did that work? sorry, we're new at posting pics(this is our first try) we still aren't quite sure how to. :(*edit*

*edit*edit*FINALLY, I think we managed to get all the pics working. I think the problem was that they were too big for secol_fett's site.(we fixed them and made em smaller) :)*edit*edit*

Oh, and thanks MMM, yes we are also computer-challenged. :wacko :D
And thanks secol_fett for the free hosting. :)
Now everyone can critique it. ;)

thats a great helmet, i love the white color, did you paint the red x yourself? Ha Ha Ha, sorry I had to say that. Your pics arent showing up there BH185
BH185 I know your pain. Nobody really explained the whole pic thing to me for a long time. I'm really computer stupid, so even a normal explanantion wasn't enough.

Here's the thing. Your pic needs to be hosted on the web somewhere, and on a pay site usually. Some of the free pic hosting sites allow posting on places like here, but they only allow a limited bandwidth, resulting in the lil red "x"s after that used up for the day from views. If you have a website, you can post them there, copy the url from "properties" then do [image] your url [*image] with this / instead of this * . It's really very easy when you know it.

Actually, secol fett has graciously provided a site for anyone to post pics in order to display them here. Try that first. Good luck.
Nice job guys. :)

And SWEET find on that helmet, for a 97, that looks AMAZING! One of the best, if not THE best 97 I've seen!

BH185 how do you fix the helm ... looks very good, cause if you see others DP97 :rolleyes are so bad :)

and you'r welcome ;)
Man that's a good shape for a DP'97. If mine looks like that once I've finished heating it, etc, I'll be really pleased. Great weathering job too (y)

The dome and cheek green seems a little bright (possibly the lighting/camera?), but the weathering and rest of the colours and especially the weathering look great.

Did I mention I like the weathering? ;)

So, what colours did you use?

WOW, thanks for all the positive replies. :eek:

MMM- thanks again for your help and thanks for the compliment.

Ego- Thanks, didn't realize it was that good for a DP97. :eek: I guess we got lucky.(I did the best i could to fix it up ;))

secol Fett- Thanks, all we did was 1) I kept on Pushing and pulling, putting it out in the car when it was warm, and then I finally found a piece of wood just the right size and put it in the helmet, to get the desired Flare.(you can probably see the piece of wood in some of my pics.) and 2) I just gave it a better paint job. Oh and thanks again for hosting the pics for us. :)

Han Hunter- WOW Thanks, I was thinking about redoing some of the weathering, but now I think i'll just leave it the way it is.(i may touch some of it up, or highlight some spots with a darker silver/gray.) The dome and cheeks are pretty light, but i think the lighting and flash made it even Brighter.
As for colors I used Rustoleum Sage for the dome/cheeks, Charcoal Acrylic handpainted on for the inside of the cheeks, for the back I used Hunter Green, I left the part around the visor the original color(the Reddish color) but for the back keyhole I used Russet Acrylic, the right earpiece is a mix of two colors blended together. Colorplace yellow, and a gold (sorry can't remember what brand :facepalm). the weathering was used with testors silver, handpainted on. I then misted it w/ a flat black and a silver from a few feet away. Thanks Again. :)

I would also like to thank everyone on this board who has helped me with all the colors and pics and any other info about the ESB helmet. :)
And if anyone has any tips or other comments about my helmet then please don't hesitate to post. Thanks. :)
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Now that i can see the pics, you did a great job. Its amazing how well a DP 97 can be fixed up. You just need to replace that visor and it will be even better.
Thanks Budgetboba, And yeah I really need to replace the visor. I don't know if i'm just going to try and cut out the whole thing and replace it with a new one; or I thought of the idea of trying to find the thin material that is already on it and just put it over the visor area.
The only things i'm worried about for the first idea is 1) I have to Cut out the one already there(im afraid i might screw it up) and 2) I don't know what im gonna replace it with.
As for the second idea, I don't know what that thin plastic material is, i would have to cut it to fit it perfectly, and you would probably still be able to see through it, from the outside, in most lighting.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how i should replace it? :confused

Thanks :)

The helmet looks very nice. I too had exceptional luck with a 97. People refuse to believe that they CAN be usable, just have to look :)

I think also that the base color is too light. Much too blue. I made the same move when I did my first helmet. I tried to match the blueish color from ESB and didn't realize that the lighting played such a big part in the final color of a piece. My helmet was very blue.

The real color though is, we now know, a very drab olive green. It's almost a grey-green. It's so light though that in very hard lighting it can reflect a very pale blue.

Everything else looks great, maybe just try a different base color on the next one. And if you're feeling adventurous maybe add some darker gunmetal colors on the weathering also to simulate the multi-layered damage.

A great helmet, and a great start :)

Hey thats a pretty sweet lookin helmet there. Thats what mine would have looked like if I had put as much time into it. I also use the sage green color on a DP97. Your is much better. I would reinforce that helmet with something to make it keep its shape.
LOL at the computer illiterate remark! So in addition to "team ESB, team RotJ, team Jango, etc., maybe we should start "team computer challenged!" I think I would be among the high ranking members! I've been hangin out here for over 3 months & havent posted any pics yet.! :lol: I'll figure it out as soon as I get my new camera. ANyway, sweet lookin helm bro! Now that you know how to post pics, make shure & let us see your progress & finished piece! :) Good job! (y)
Jmp-Thanks man, yeah when i first got this helmet a couple of years ago(way back before I joined the TDH :D), I thought that it was just sweet(it was a freekin Boba fett helmet!!), but then when we found the TDH and saw everybody elses, we realized how crappy ours was . So we got some spray paint, and with the help of this forum, turned that warped menace into what you see above. i see now that the base color is a bit light, but unfortunately the actual(or close to actual)color wasn't discovered until after I had already painted it. :( Oh well, it'll do for now(at least until i decide to upgrade ;)). And yes i was thinking of adding some darker gray/silver color, but i wanted to see what everyone thought of it right now.(any ideas on what gray/silver color i should use?) Thanks again. :)

Mattster27-Thanks :)

Tk-Fett- Thanks, yeah i need to use something to help keep its shape. any suggestions? Thanks. :)

Jango's Kid- Yeah we'd probably be on that team as well,and pretty high in the ranks also. :p We just have to figure out how to take smaller sized pictures so we can capture better detail.(right now we take em from farther away and just crop them) And don't worry, we'll be posting plenty of progress pics ;). especially when we figure out how to fully use this digi cam. Thanks for the positive feedback. :)

Like i said before, all i need to do right now w/ the helmet is replace the visor and add some darker weathering. and if anyone could give me some advice on either one, that would be great. :D

I agree, this site has completely raised my estimation of what will suffice and what won't with Fett lol...

For the grey color, honestly I don't know of a particular one. I haven't done it with spray before. I used a gunmetal acrylic brushed on for my previous helmets. It works, but the acrylics go on thick and don't look great.

I imagine almost any darker grey would work fine :)

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