Helmet painting Jango Fett


Either my local True Value hardware store or a Aubuchon hardware store the next town over from me, can't remember which but definitely one of the two.


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If you have access to Amazon, they have the Rustoleum Royal Blue and Krylon Short Cuts Ocean Blue...I just verified them.


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Yeah Amazon is the only place I have found it in the past 2 years or so.
ordered mine off Amazon yesterday.
Your Jango is so great! I'm a 501st Trooper but I've always wanted to do a Jango. Finally after two years I have what I need to move forward. Huge undertaking.
Just finished the arena pack build and the girth belt and ammo pouches.

Any input is always welcome


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I'm building one as well. I have the luxury of working at a Sherwin Williams Commercial and Industrial store and being their Master Blender. I made my own paint. I made mine out of Polane B. I chose RAL 5000 for the ear caps, rangefinder, and cheekbones. And I chose RAL 5015 for the rest of the visor. I'm going to use Rub N Buff for the silver. I just need to figure out how to best get it to the appropriate shine.


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use a finger.
Hasn't been treating me as well as I'd hoped. I've been doing some experimenting on a scrap piece. I'm sure my prep on it was lacking. But, my finger and palm didn't produce results I was satisfied with. My Dremel with a buffing pad on it on the other hand... I feel like there's a prep step that I am missing.