Helmet Neckercheif Slide


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Hey there
In case ther are any other Scouters here at the "DENT" ,I would like to share with you a project I did today while it was a slow day at the body shop.I decided to sacrfice one of my BK Boba Fetts.
I pulled a "Mace Windo" on him and turned the helmet into a neckerchief slide for my Scout leader uniform.
Here are the completed pictures.I took liberty on the battle scars.


2.Rt Side


3. Lt Side




5.On Uniform


Sorry for the sizing I am working at it

Hope you enjoy
Mike P


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Nice! I never considered a SW-themed neckercheif slide, even in all my years in scouting (I made Eagle in 1987). Perhaps there just weren't as many toys around at the time that could be converted into something that cool- nowadays there is more than enough to choose from. Now that I'm getting back into scouting with my son (he's in Cubs now), I'm starting to see some REALLY cool slides in our future... Hmmm....

BTW, are you a 'paid' full time scouting volunteer?



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I am a Volunteer.But as much as I do for the Council at the District level the rumor of me getting a check has poped up.Trust me if I was getting paid for as much as I do,I would have my Mando outfit by now :)
Since getting back into Scouting(Eagle Scout 1985) with my son 8 years ago,my current positions are CubMaster for my sons old Pack(a replacment soon to be announced :) ),Boy Scout Troop Committee Member(My sons Troop,I am the Troop Equipment Manager) and District Activities Chairman( I am incharge of events for the District and work with our Council on certain events).Not to mention I just completed Woodbadge(Antelope,hence the name) and getting my beads in October.
If you have not noticed by now or mentioned it with the scouts in your sons Pack ,Star Wars is still a great topic to talk about with the Scouts.I dont think there are many in my District that doesnt know I am a SW greek.When I organize a District event and work with the scouts in the Pack and Troop I always work SW in somewhere.
If you have any Scouting question fire away.I am always here for a fellow Scouter.



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My son is jut 7- we just started out with him in Tigers this past school year. I (and my wife!) were the Den leader(s) for the Tigers in his pack, and I am hoping to get even more involved with additional training this coming year.

I have kept my SW-Geekness pretty quite except for what some have noticed when having den meetings at our house. Right now with the really little ones, its still a challenge to keep them focused, so bringing out the SW 'Toys' would be too distracting. I'm biding my time to really go all out with SW stuff, but I'm always on the lookout for an opportunity to slip it in. This past year, I did use the 'Scouts in Shining Armor' (last October's monthly theme) as an excuse to bring out a Trooper helmet for all to try on!



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Been there myself with keping things on the downlow as to not distract a meeting.
You should have fun in the Wolf program.Alot of neat things for them to do.