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ok so i was wondering what i should do for my voice mic in my bucket, i have no idea what to use and whats out there besides the radio shack voice amp. please im looking for as much help as i can get as far as products and even recomended set ups. thanks yall
There's always the military throat microphones, and also lapel mic's work great as well, but I think I'm going to go with the headset type if I have room leftover inside. I want to be able to have a microphone on the outside of my bucket so I can hear folks clearly, as well as one so I can communicate with them via a voice amplifier. I'd also like to have something like a Motorola Talkabout (or similar) radio which we can converse with each other while no one surrounding us won't know. Lots of issues to make it happen, but it would certainly be worth all the trouble...:D

I have the radio shack one, it works pretty good, but the speaker box is big, heavy and needs like 8 batteries. In fact I haven't even worn it to the last couple of events because it's so bulky. I wouldn't recommend the radio shack one
I had heard about folks using the Radio Shack voice amp, but if it's that heavy I think I'll look a bit harder for a smaller, lighter model. Anyone have any suggestions for an alternate choice?

I have a Newton voice amp. It's loud if you want it to be and it is very clear sounding. I put the amp in my upper left flight suit pocket and run the wires up inside my vest.
It comes with a headset mic that wraps around the back of your head.
I can't believe that I didn't think to use any of the numerous pockets in my flightsuit to hold the voice amp. I assumed they'd be covered by armor and would be uncomfortable, but after looking at it closer I found a few pockets that'll hold electronics etc and not look all crumpled etc.

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