Helmet & JP starter pics

Thanks guys. I am an impatient person to" Do it the acurate way" So like I said its a starter and I just want to get it done, then Ill paint it closer to screen acurate. I just want this damn costume done. Man, is Boba friggin complicated? Thanks again for not knocking it.....to my face anyway ; )
Have some confidence, man. Nobody's knocking it because there's nothing to knock. You have a Fett costume and it looks good!!

You know what I have? An unpainted, unassembled jet pack and a couple big sheets of uncut sintra. Oh, and a Rubies Jango helmet that doesn't cover my chin! I've got a long way to go to be where you are, and I'm JEALOUS.

I am also impatient to get to the point where I have a wearable Fett. I'm not sure where I'll wear it yet. Probably only on special occasions. You know, it's Sunday night, the Soprano's is on... hey, I think I'll put on my Fett costume and watch Tony whack some guys.

We can't all be as "movie accurate" as Seeker, but I have a feeling that the Lucasfilm people strive to be "Seeker accurate" when they build replicas of Fett costumes for special events!!

Keep us updated with progress pics.
I think what you have looks great, and there would be nothing to say about it from anyone in person, unless they were an uber anal nitpicker. Ofcourse there is always room for improvemnt, but I think that that's reletive. People here tend to not offer advice unless it's asked for, and even then, it's done in an encouraging way. That's what makes the TDH so great. It's like we're all rooting for eachother to be the best. To me, the funny part of this all, is that most of us spend countless hours, and lose tons of sleep, trying to make the most minute features accurate, when in actuality all we are trying to do is duplicate the randomness of efforts put forth over 20 years ago. So I say cogratulations and way to go. What you have looks great to me, and really, who's to say that it isn't. ;)
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