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Having recently repainted my Rubies helmet I thought I'd give the inside the 'once over'. I gave it a new visor (the old one was REAL bad) as well.
Here are some pics of what I did ... essentially I followed the layout of the Riddell helmet inside (no sense going with one of those fantastic Marrow Sun kits on a crappy Rubies!!). I started with foam from a local craft shop and cut the foam to the desired shapes (lots of cutting and trimming to get the right size and thicknesses) and spray painted them. Then I glued them into place inside the helmet.

Rather than go with a hardhat liner I added more foam pieces until the helmet/foam fit comfy on my head. In the end it turned out okay !

I had to work around my switches and fan which I had already glued in place, but that didn't end up being too big a problem.




Is that like soft-squishy foam? Looks very well done for a rubies. Wondering, is the fan the only electronic device you have in there? I see some wires attached to small square pads on the cheek portion.

Thanks for the comments.

As for the fans/wiring, there are two switches that drive the fan and the rangefinder lights off the 9v battery. The fan is at the curve of helmet and where the slot runs down the left side, so it pulls in air from outside and moves it around the inside quite nicely without any overheating issues. I can turn the fan and lights on independently 'cause up here in Nova Scotia you don't need the fan that much :facepalm
what did you use for the spacer to mount it on? so it can get a little air behind it.
any chance you could post a close up pic of the fan? i'm still not quite "seeing" it in my head.
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