Helmet Help Wanted


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I am building my first Boba Fett costume and I need some helmet advice. I would like to purchase a helmet and get somone to paint it. Does anyone have any recommendations?
First off... welcome to TDH!

My advice to you is simple. Poke around the helmet section of this forum and you'll find several great options right away.

It completely depends upon the level of accuracy you're looking to achieve and the amount of money you are willing to spend.
I would say just hang out for a bit, watch the posts in the cargo hold and see what comes up.

A couple of weeks after I got on here, a great helmet showed up in there and I grabbed it. People are always selling stuff, so jsut keep your eyes open.

On the other hand, you definitely want to stay away from ebay, unless you know *exactly* what you're getting. Lots of people sell LOTS of junk on there!
I'll paint it in a very accurate ESB scheme for $165. Just send me whatever bucket you get sanded and ready to paint and it will be done. Would take me like a week, maybe 2 to get it done. Im only talking paintjob, no visor install, ect... Just pm me if interested and I'll send you some pics of my work, or you can just click my profile and check out some of the threads I started and you are bound to see a pic or two of one of my buckets.
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