Helmet filler...???

Hey gang,
I have a poorly cast fiberglass helmet (not even sure what kind - it is smaller though - BOO!!!) with very rough bottom edges.

I am determined to make this helmet great (he say's now with confidence...) and I am wondering what kind of filler or compound I could use to clean up the bottom edges. I was looking to use edge trim but have not found any. I would like the edges to be strong and not crack/chip easily if possible.
("you ask the impossible" ~LS)

If there is any advice out there, G_B could sure use it.

THX anyone and everyone.


You could try a compound called Everglass. It is basically bondo + fibreglass + Kevlar. Really strong stuff yet sandable like bondo.

A possible solution anyway.
I agree with Jodo. Be sure to wear some sort of breathing protection when sanding, even if wet sanding. The stuff is as stong as fibreglass, basically it is fibre glass... check the body supply areas at a autozone or kragen auto parts.if my memory is correct it is in a green pop top can. i think wal-mart would probably even carry it. if all else fails go to a body shop supply store (dupont or PPG dealer)

good luck

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