Helmet Fan help


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can ya get these at radio shack? need a good source for fans I will be putting 2 in my clone and scratchbuilding 2 buckets soon so there are 4 more?


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ya, radio shack should have them...there called computer case fans there i believe..or u can go to any pc related store like microcenter etc.....they might be a touch cheaper there.


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This question is for the masses.

Do you find that the sound of the fan(s) is very loud? Between the bucket muffling sound, and the fan, can you hear anyone?

I am trying to decide if I would want fans in my RG bucket, or attach the fans under the robes somewhere and pipe air up.


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I run 2 fans, one at the back of the helmet for my neck and another by my brow. Both keep the air moving, and I've never had a problem hearing people.
well it depends on if my friend (works in a car stereo store) can get more of the ones i found there about 1 1/2 inches (square shape) and stick out about 1/2 and inch very quiet to i will try to post pics in a bit of how it looks


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I keep keep an eye on this thread. Sounds good to me

I saw someone with fans and they were under the costume, not in the helmet and they were pretty loud. I would like to try to stick my fans in the helmet somehow, there is room at the dome of the RG helmet, but I have heard it is next to impossible to get them to stick.


this is how it looks resting in my DP helmet right now im waiting on the 9v adaptors i ordered and will test how it works then i hope to get more fans this size if now i will post what other sizes i got






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I run 2 9 volt in series with these 2 from radio shack. They are the same size but half the thickness. The push button switch, and battery adapters are from radio shack too. They have run about 12 hrs total so far, and still work great.

I have no noise problem with these. I can heary everything just fine.



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Hey instead of computer fans could you use ps2 fans?
Cause i was in my garage and found my old old ps2 and it has a fan so how could i get that to work?