Helmet display stands


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i posted the same question a while ago... paper towel holder and a foam ball stuck in the top work killer and no more than 20 buck for a chrome one. i just made one for my new MS3 :)

i'll post a pic tomorrow if you like?



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Free standing toilet paper stands at Walmart $9.98.

Modification is required, but it's easy to do. I just did one tonight.

They have to be shortened which requires a piece of threaded rod. Even with that you have less than $15 into and you can custom select the height.

Since it is a toilet paper holder, the base is really heavy to make it stable.

I can post pics later, if anyone wants to see.


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here is what i did.. towel holder, cut off the rubber part in the middle, took off the knob on top, jammed a foam ball on top and your done.

hope that helps out






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This is what mine looked like when I bought it:


Here is how it looks after a few simple mods.

I cut down the tube.

The inner rod that holds this thing together is only threaded on the ends, so I replaced it with threaded rod.

Then I replaced the toilet paper holder with a piece of wood which I added a piece of foam and then covered in black leather looking vinyl.

I had the wood, pleather and foam already. Materials cost me about $13.

I tried the foam ball and did not like it and ended up with this.

My son and I modified it in about 15 minutes.

Since this stand is so tall, you can custom cut the tube to whatever size you like.

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