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I'm gonna try to make a Fett helmet soon, and I was thinking of making the gadgets work. Such as a peneal eye sensor (sp?) made with multiple pinhole cams mounted inside the helmet (concealed, of course). Does anyone know of a source for small flat-panel displays, about the size of those used in camcorders? Any help appreciated. :wacko
HHMMM you are talking about miniature cameras? I'd say looking thrue a RADIO SHACK catalog you might find something.I'm also building a helmet myself again this time I'm gonna mount miniature hearing sensors and more. PEACE
Sounds great in theory (I'm a sucker for gadgets!), but in practice, you've got a limited amount of visibility out of the visor anyhow. Add a screen in there too and you'll be bumping into everything!

Plus, your focal length (distance in front of you something has to be before you can focus on it) might not be up to a screen that close.

Write a word on a piece of paper and hold it 1" - 2" in front of your right eye. If you can't get your eye to focus on it, chances are you wouldn't be able to focus on a screen either.

Just a thought.

(I've just tried the word on paper thing. My eye hurts and I feel dizzy! I for one won't be putting a screen in my bucket! ).

Sounds interesting... You can find a mini cam even in a Web Cam, just take the guts out of the web cam. I did something like that awhile back with my mini Web cam & it worked, but I just didn't know what I was going to do with it (I like taking things apart), but I guess know what I can do with it now :D
I saw someone mount a tiny wireless camera to one of those miniture Bit-Char G RC Cars and recorded the video. Unfortunately I don't remember the source but I found it a few months ago when I was searching for information on those cars with Google.

Mini displays....you may have to tear apart a video cam, but as mentioned before, focus could be a problem. For show, having the display inside the RF would be cool. Space could be a problem though.
Here are a few...



I remember having one of those little mini's somewhere, I'll try looking for it later on. But as ShockWave said, space would be some what of a problem. Not unless you can make some sorta little black box on the inside of your helmet & stash all the guts in there?
The cams I can find easily online. That's not the problem. The displays are. I was thinking of putting the guts in one of the belt pouches. I can focus at 3", I had not considered the issue. Thanks for the input. I have yet to actually built the helm, however. :eek:

Packrat wrote:

Problem: Cash. I'm kinda low. :cry
Welcome to TDH and CONGRATULATIONS!! :D Along with your unique ideas concerning the helmet cam, this financial ailment you're suffering from will allow you to fit right in with about 99.99% of the rest of us who have devoted the rest of our natural-born lives (and possibly a couple of afterlives :rolleyes) in attempting to "complete" the most challenging project of Star Wars costuming, IMO! It's certainly a challenge worth pursuing, though, as you will learn a whole new universe of meaning from the word "obsession"! Glad to have you aboard, Packrat! :)
I think it'd be cool to have a small screen in your rangefinder, so when it was down, you could see certain things. That'd be a lot easier to focus on, and it'd look mondo cool

Packrat wrote:

I mean REAL tight as far as money's concerned. $-280 (it'll be awhile 'till I get this project started)

we're basically in the same boat as you when it comes to money. (we always see things we want but we never have the money :facepalm)
Oh well,
keep us posted on what you find out with those helmet cams. sounds like a really cool idea. :)

That screen is too big....and this is coming from the guy stuffing 5 retractable blades in a gauntlet. I agree with whomever said to put a screen in the rangefinder. If you could find a screen small enough, that would be an awesome visual enhancement. When you are considering a screen, you do not only have to consider the screen size and focal length, but also the shape of the helmet. Trying to mount a flat screen internally to a circular shape takes more space than it may seem. Also, when considering your focal length, you cannot think of it in terms of how far your visor is from your eyes. Your eyes focus beyond the visor.
I myself am attempting (or will attempt once I am out of the hole) to put multiple blades in the gauntlet. I'd like to see how others did it too. Anyway, I'll look for a smaller screen. One small enough to put in the rangefinder would be TINY. too small to see any detail, in my oh-so-humble opinion. I'll just keep trying to find a solution. Thanks for all of the input. BTW, I realize my sig is kinda big, but I downsized it from what it was.
I can probably fit a few screens in if they are about 2-3 in. diagonal. Can't find one smaller than 4, though. Night vision cam was another idea. It would help the suit's limited visibility.
I got a night vision idea. Boba had it, so I want it. Board-level pinhole cam

I also will go to Radio Shack and get some IR LED's (like this one)to boost the night capabilities. I'm thinking of putting the LED's in the rangefinder, as Boba had some there. Maybe they were IR LED's... Kinda pricey, though (for the low-light camera). But then there's the problem with the screen placement... I'll experiment.

P. S. I just love this smiley. It's hilarious: :puke
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