Helmet abbreviations & comparisons???


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There was a thread once I think that
explained all the current helmets that
are in circulation and their names &
abbreviations. Does someone know what
thread that was?

If there isn't any...
can someone list them and line up some
pics? I am curious to see them side by
side. Also...I'm getting very confused
with all the abbreviations (ex. MSH, MLC,
MH, etc.). :wacko

Isn't the "original ROTJ from the Lucas Archives" pictured there actually the damaged ESB stunt helmet that I know is in one of my books...Best Of The Lucas Film Archives I think it is?

It is a great idea -- I know I could have used a site like that when I first joined.

This was kind of time consuming to compile and format, so I hope this is what you were wanting to see. ;)

MSH = Movie Sized Helmet (no longer in production)

MH = Mystery Helmet (still a few available)

MLC = mlcallanta's Helmet (still available)

more pics HERE

MSH2 = Movie Sized Helmet version 2 (currently not available)

more pics HERE
Ask Seeker for a side by side comparison of them all,
he should have them all by now. :lol: jk, Seek!

Thanks for compiling the list and the photos, BobaFettish!(y)


Thanks guys. You know, HS, I almost added yours to the list, but yours wasn't abbreviated. ;)

With so many quality choices, it's no wonder why the demand for DP's has slowed down.

The time is NEAR :D

Glad to see ya'll haven't forgot about me ..

Lots in the works ... so little time. But, good things come, to those who wait.

Hang in there .... ;)


To those that have PM'd or e-mailed me, I am working on responses to each and all, but it will take some time. But rest assured ...
Haha, yeah FP...I'm waiting for mine too! :D
I thought you just don't like me :(

Thanks for letting us know you're workin on replies dude...much appreciated!


Defiler wrote:

Cool thread, now all we need is a comparison picture of all the helmets side by side. :)
Acutally, Juan, I'm hoping that this could probably be accomplished at one of the upcoming conventions. We just get all of the Fetts together, line up our helmets at varying angles, and start snapping pictures. There are several people here who have one or two, but I don't know of anyone who has them all. I'd also like to see a DP Deluxe and standard added to the mix.
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