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I surprised my 4 year old with his own Boba Fett costume for Halloween this year and just recently discovered this site in a roundabout way while looking for my own Boba Fett gear. The detail and quality of the builds on here is insane! I got so inspired and excited about the idea of painting my own Boba Fett helmet that I just grabbed a Rubies helmet off Amazon and am now collecting paints and reading/watching tutorials. This site has been a huge help so far - thank you!



Welcome Eric !! As you've learned, this site is more than a wealth of Boba information. Your Rubies helmet is good to start with and to learn on. When you get ready to take it up a notch, there's plenty of builders that sell quality props for your full Boba suit build. If you have any questions about painting your helmet, don't hesitate to post your question.
There's plenty of helpful folks on the site that would glad to help...…...Don


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Yeah that will be pretty cool to have NHL here! I grew up watching the Rockets play in the Tacoma Dome (looong ago.. hehe)


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Welcome to TDH! I'm up in Oak Harbor and planning to rock my incomplete ESB Boba Fett on the 27th at the comic shop up here if you want to see the kit in person!