Hello from CA


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Hi everyone!
I have been lurking for over a year now and have just decided to take my costume accuracy more seriously so I figured I would join in the convos here. I currently have a Boba that I wear on halloween every year but not really anything to brag about. I have the GMH I painted myself, flight suit and vest from Arkady, fiberglass armor that is quite oversized for my frame, horse girth belt I have yet to dye, and some other stuff I just threw together that will need upgrading. Bit nervous to jump in here but hoping you'll have me! I love reading this forum and I hope I will make some like minded friends on here.
Thank you for reading!


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Welcome, Take your Time and Enjoy the Ride!!
Fell free to ask any questions, there's a wealth of information and plenty of knowledgeable guys here to help out!!!


Welcome as you probably know already, your in the right place for all things Fett . Best of luck on your journey to a more accurate Fett. Have fun , now get to work!