Heavy Infantry helmet (soon to be WIP)


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New here and trying to familiarize myself with the ins and outs. I have acquired a cold cast HI helmet. To me it is very nicely done with an overall even dark gray,gun metal unpolished finish. Now down to the questions.
- Can I polish the top rib, mandible area,middle of the RF and other ear piece.Leave the top and bottom of the RF and other ear piece the cast dark gray?
- Once the top rib and mandible area are polished,Can I liquid mask and spray the Baltic Blue paint directly on or would I have to use a self etching primer then color coat?
I would like to avoid using any silver paint,because I like the real metal look of the CC. Any advise welcome.

Mythos Fenn

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I would say the answers to your questions would be based on what you want the end product to look like. with the "Heavy Infantry Helmet" title, are you looking to paint it up like Paz Vizsla's, the traditional Death Watch style helmets as seen in The Mandalorian TV series, more along the lines of a full custom?

If you are going the Paz Vizsla route, as long as the base color of the cold cast matches the color scheme seen on his helmet on that central rib and top of the T-visor I would say you are fine to leave it as is. I am not super familiar with painting a cold cast bucket but if you want to keep the base metallic look of it you could skip the self etch primer and perhaps do a matte coat first to make sure the following coats of paint stick. Also liquid mask would be fine to keep the areas you want the metallic color for the battle damage.