Having the hardest time finding a crafter of Jango Fett Westar blasters

Do we know if these blasters were custom made or from found parts?
The grip and the barrel look similar to some compressed air tools and the knurled part at the rear looks like the air feed adjuster on those tools.
The grip in particular looks like a very complex piece of work which if I was a prop builder I would try and use a found part for if I could.


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I really believe that the blasters were custom made for the film entirely. A film that relied heavily on CG for showing the clone forces I don't think would have spared an expense on Jango's suit since they re-did the entire armor/helmet and suit compared to that of Boba's.

I could be wrong, but IMO, I believe they were entirely custom fabricated.
Were the film blasters all aluminium? if so it may be worth having a load of grips cast, then polish up the resulting castings.


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from research the blasters were custom fabricated their not all aluminum brass tubing inside and the grips were resin sculpt


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some have made the grips not from metal casting but using a c and c machine and cutting them from solid stock then filing and sanding them smooth which i'll have done for mine using the the blueprints

Mike M.

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i was, but there wasn't much interest at the time and i don't have access to a machine shop any more.
Other than the grip, the rest of the blaster is not too complicated. If the screen used blasters had resin grips then I would not bother trying to CNC them, just cast them from resin.