Has anyone used Tamiya brand paints for their helmet?


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Has anyone used Tamiya brand paints for detailing their helmets?

For anyone who is not familiar with Tamiya brand, it is a Japanese brand which is the same company that manufactures model kits and R/C cars. Their paints are very high quality for models and I actually saw Olive Drab as one of the colors for their spray cans.
ya I dont know about there paints but I know that there models are some of the highest quality kits to buy. Very expencive. but worth every penny. so Id think the paints would be just as high quality.
Their paints are very good quality and work very well on plastics and such. They'd more thatn likely work ,but I don't think they have accurate colors if you're making a movie-accurate helmet!
:) i can only say that teh tamiya black spray highly shinny and reflective works excellent to blacken ur visor, and you can actually still see through like sunglasses... i used 5 mian colours for teh rest...red, yellow, blue, white & black... and just brushed and mixed it on...
I use only Tamiya acrylics, I struggle to find Testors paints in the UK. I have nothing but praise for Tamiya, the finish is superb. As far as movie accurate colours go though, I had to mix them to get mine.
hi guys

anyone got a list of colours so i to do a ROTJ version as i am uk based.

also are these water based paints??
if there's a list of colours that were used I'd be interested.

I'm going to use these my self so will post a list when i'm done, although that be some time yet!?!
Bactab0y said:
if there's a list of colours that were used I'd be interested.

I'm going to use these my self so will post a list when i'm done, although that be some time yet!?!

I don't have colour refs, I bought a load of base colours (red, brown, vlack, white etc) and mixed them manually. I've looked on the web for a conversion chart and asked in model shops but I've had no luck. I will keep looking and definitely post the results here if I have any luck.
I painted my MLC JP using Gamesworkshop paints and did loads of extra detailing i.e weathering.

I've now decided to go with the GW paints as there so easy to use and mix, the only draw back is that you'll need loads of pots but they do go far when applying if i remeber and this was do over a year ago.....

The Tamyia Equivalent of Pazner Olive Green is "XF58."

I have the conversion chart in from a model building guide.
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I found on another thread that someone has used british green, dark green, camel yellow and mica red (spray cans) I've just ordered some for my helmet, I'll try post the results when i'm finished
Cant help you out with matching the colours for your Boba bucket, but being in the U.K I pretty much use Tamiya acrylics for all my airbrush work. I just add Tamiya thinners and fill the pot up, stir it and it's ready to rock n roll.

I've never had much success with hand brushing it or dry brushing as it tends to skin over pretty quick, so use the Games Workshop paints for that.

Tamiya's are definitely worth a go

I'm just worried as to which Tamiya brand paints I would mix to get the right colors to airbrush.

Do you have a list I can work with? I'm doing ROTJ.
If you take a look at my previous post, I've listed a color conversion chart that matches or approximates the Tamiya equivalent of the floquil/testors colors.
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