Has anyone made an accurate Fett interior?


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By this I mean:
A while back I came across some reference pics of one of the mini Ridell Fett helmets with all of the switches and monitors on the interrior. Has anyone ever tried to make a wearable version of this bucket?

Let me know, thanks
Actually, Mardon (MLC) made a mockup of a scale interior based on the Riddell helmet. There should be a thread in the Helmet section w/ pics.

Need to get more interest before it's produced...

I saw a helmet sometime back on ebay like what you are talking about. As I recall it was a large helmet with a interior that looked a lot like the Ridell mini helmets.
I don't know if it was a production helmet, or fanmade.

Well, as of accuracy of the movie used helmets, it's not a bright idea to do so, but, if you're in a display-only mood and show your friends how detailed your helmet is, even inside...go for it.

The movie-used helmets are way far from detailed inside as the Riddell helmets are, which are made and detailed based on fiction books and general fan-based theories, but the movie-used ones all they just have are a hard-hat harness system and some kind of chin strap to hold the helmet...that's all, besides of some screws and some kind of brackets to hold the visor in place, not talking about the silicone/hot-melt glue thing holding some areas such like the thingie on the right cheek detail (dental thing, close to the visor)...

Bottom line is...they don't even have any kind of lining inside (the movie-used ones). The more things you install inside the helmet (like the Riddell mini-helmet), the less space you'll have to breathe inside it, and more uncomfortable to wear it will be.

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