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Hello! I'm new to the forums but have been leooking on here almost a year now.

I'm planning to sratchbuild a Fett bucket using a hardhat for the dome. I bought it at Home Depo.

The hardhat had a raised arrow shape pointing to the front (like this ^). I used a rotary tool to cut it out. I plan to PVC cement a piece of "For Sale" sign to plug up the hole. Then I will fill it with Bondo and smooth it out.

Let me know what you think for this beginning. I will post pics of my progress soon. Thanks.
It's sounds like it should work. I assume you are using the WoF templates? If so I would suggest using the silhouette of the dome to size it out and see if it's proportioned proper and go from there. If the fill for the hole is thick then I suggest doing it in thin layers, allowing it to cure between layers to reduce shrinking/cracking. Go to it and be sure to post updates. Welcome to TDH.

Yes I will be using WoF templates. I figured I should use a cardboard template of the faceplate and back to see how well they fit to the hardhat. After I do that I will cut the correct size pieced out of an orange Home Depot bucket I purchased.

Thanks for the advice with the Bondo. The helmet itself is not very thick but I will layer it in thinly just in case. Thanks again.
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