hard hat support in a buckett?


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Has anyone ever put a hard hat support system in thier jango or boba helmets??? I would love to see pics of this and maybe some instructions. I dont think epoxy would be enough to hold it in place.
What do you guys think?


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I just scratched up the inside of my bucket where the 4 contact points are and hot glued it in place......works pretty well, I think I might have re-gled it once or twice.



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My fiberglass helmet used a hard-hat liner...I used JB Weld to install it.

On my older SgtFang mystery helmet, the resin was so light I used Industrial Velcro instead. Never had any problems either way.


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mines fiberglass, so Ill give jb weld a try. in my sheet metal shop I found a few old hardhats and they got me thinking. Would love to see pics :)


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I used industrial strength velcro with a hardhat liner in my fiberglass helmet.
Works great! I've had it in there for a year and a half, and it hasn't moved at all.


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inside of my bucket. the atachment points are held in place with epoxy resin (just make sure that both surfaces are keyed).