Han Solo in Carbonite ManCave Door


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@rnruba I already did. [emoji851]

Father and Son just hanging out


For lighting, I opted for an IKEA light for paintings. It is wide enough and gives off a soft glow that gives out a nice illumination



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This is so cool!!!! Thanks for sharing it!!! I will have to show it to my wife and see what will happen...already got a door in my mind! [emoji1]
I threw up some completed images, so hopefully that will help convince her. Hope it happens!


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Wow looks amazing! This will be my next project for sure and I'll be coming back to this over and over!


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That's really amazing. I may not have the space for a full HiC but I have a lot of doors! I do worry that I'd round a corner at night and scare myself to death! Great work!
It is a fun build, its space saving and cheaper then doing a full HIC with all the parts.
I have started the process. Just received the Han mold and will be working on it this week. Hoping to have it done by the end of November. Thanks again for sharing your experience with your build.