Han Solo in Carbonite ManCave Door


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@rnruba I already did. [emoji851]

Father and Son just hanging out


For lighting, I opted for an IKEA light for paintings. It is wide enough and gives off a soft glow that gives out a nice illumination



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This is so cool!!!! Thanks for sharing it!!! I will have to show it to my wife and see what will happen...already got a door in my mind! [emoji1]
I threw up some completed images, so hopefully that will help convince her. Hope it happens!


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Wow looks amazing! This will be my next project for sure and I'll be coming back to this over and over!


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That's really amazing. I may not have the space for a full HiC but I have a lot of doors! I do worry that I'd round a corner at night and scare myself to death! Great work!
Just found this thread and it is awesome! My wife and I have been talking about this for a while now of doing something like this to one of our basement doors. After seeing this, I'm definitely placing an order and getting started!