haha...how NOT to weather your brand new skygunbro vest...

never risk fett

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:::pICS::: haha...how NOT to weather your brand new skygunbro vest

haha, ok, so i was workin on weathering my vest/suit the other day and i was thinking...wat would be the most badass sexperience that fett could have gone through (and sruvive), so i figured, fire, or a blas mark or something like that....

soooo, i grab my my lighter (dont smoke though..ion case anyone cared..) and i began to very very slighty *singe* the end of the sleeve, and after a few seconds..the bottom was outlined w/ a realy cooll lookin bronze color- very lsightly though

then i moved on to the bottom of the vest....went a lil over board- to sum it up, it caught fire anddd not i got a burned semi circle outlined in black by my hip/ belly button.....good times

so, i hope SOMEONE learns from this and fights the urge to go over board on the weathering!!


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Ironically - your handle here means you didn't follow your own advice

Always use an airbrush (or can) to paint on weathering effects, fire is a bit risky to use....


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Dude! That's awesome!!
As a closet pyro, that would have been pretty funny to see. But back to reality, so glad you were not hurt.