Greatest news of my life


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Congrats bro!

I'm in the same situation my self. I recommend getting a few projects as "other" activies will be non-existant. Thats why I am doing my FPH, FP armor and redoing my clone. 8)
Kandosii, now you get to enjoy the other part of being mando, family, children, and parenthood. I have 5 lil mando'ade and had their names tattooed on my arm in mando'a, kind of a reminder bout what means most to me in life. So congratulations and it looks like your gonna need some infant sized beskar'gam.


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Taco, congrats on the good news. Being a father is the greatest experience in life. But you may want to keep at least the helmet so that you have some where to hide at diaper time. :lol:

Word of advice... do not PhotoShop a Fett helmet onto the ultrasound pics.

The wife may not find it funny (at first) and may get lots of comments on how much the range finder is gonna hurt during the birthing process.

It'll be the best experience of your life.


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Kids truly are a blessing, I should know as I've got two... my son is 5 and my daughter is 2 and a half. ;)

Your future will now be filled with more excitement than you could imagine, and you will never cease to be amazed by your little one.


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Congratulations Michael!!:cheers

It´s absolute amazing, wonderful and a very long and big andventure to have kids.
I personaly have 2 and one is in the mold:lol:

Take care of your wife now (if you not already have;)).