great news right cheek piece found

secol FETT

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that's right my friends
the name is Borden connector used by dentist :rolleyes
how i dyscover this, well i just come from the dentist, and i see that piece and remember the helmet, so i ask to the doc the name of that, and he said "that's a Borden connector", why he ask me
and i say
well im a SW fan and i have a Boba Fett costume and yadda yadda, and i tell him about the dental expander,and he says "intresting" :lol:
btw he toldme there exist in metal and plastic, and i say the original helmet have a metalpiece :)
so here ya go a pic
<img src=>
and the url to buy this stuff
$11.70, not too expensive either ;)

Well I'll be damned. :) Sure looks like it. I'd even bet that the connector is brass underneath that chrome plating. Good work. Now we need some dimensions to go by to be sure.
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Yeah man, thats a cool find. I'm far from thinking of Fett when I'm under the lights in that dentist chair so nice job! As Dean O mentioned, I would like to get some measurements before anything else.
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Dental Expander on the gaunt... Dental connector on the helmet! Sounds like there are a few areas Fett specializes in... Photography, dentistry, small model engines...

Absolutely FANTASTIC find. Best find we have had around here in a while... Congrats!
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And not only does he find the origin for this mystery piece, but a source to get them as well. Great job, Sergio.
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Done deal got it on the way.

Of all things I love seeing on this board the discovery of real items beats it all. Very good job so glad you found it and shared it with us.

Once again, congrats secol!!!

Nice find cool. I wonder if there are other things on Fett that came from the dentist, like his wrist darts or something.

Man, Im excited now(not in the perverted way), this is cool.
I hope your mouth wasn't all numbed-up when you had that exchange with your dentist, he'd think you a bit kooky. But seriously, imagine spotting such a obscure part as that in that situation. Good work!
Got mine ordered!! What a fantastic find, Secol! I have to agree with the above in saying it is the most significant find of a prominent piece in a long while.

You name now goes down in Fett history!!

msquared wrote:

I wonder if there are other things on Fett that came from the dentist, like his wrist darts or something.
You know, this may not be such a long-shot. As Brak's noted, this isn't the only found part to be located at the dentist's office.
I wonder if the housing from the original part might have looked a little different--i.e. a little closer to the knee darts? Nah, maybe that's reaching.
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