Got's me a problem with left Gauntlet


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Ok deal is I have fiberglass Gauntlets (not a big deal) but the left one keeps twisting on me. Now ive tryed to take some of the weight off and I have a Velcro strap in there to get it tight on my arm but it still doesn’t work. Was thinking about replacing the flame thrower with something a little lighter, so any ideas where to get or make a lighter flame thrower would help. But the twisting thing is the big problem.

Im about tired of it twisting!! Might just get new ones that are lighter!!!
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I have a similar problem . I have 3 sets now . One set is fiberglass . The guy who made them filled the flame thrower with liquid resin or something,so now it's like a block of stone ... very heavy . I now have a Ruffkin kit which is a light styrene ( very thin ) . I plan to try and line the hollow flame thrower part with either a thin layer of fiberglass or ....I just bought a can ( originally to strengthen my chest and groin armor ) of black truckbed liner . I will spray that in just to give it some strength but not add too much weight .I'll try that next week .Busy doing toe darts right now .

Did the foam thing, not working out so well. Maybe I just need to make a cast of my wrist and fit it to the gauntlet. Any more ideas?

Bad thing is this is the last part thats giving me problems I get this fixed and im good and on to the 501 it will be.
I have "flat wrist" what ever that means. Thats what Doc friend told me. Then again he could of been messing with me.

Stupid flat wrist
You think that's bad . I'm an average guy 5'10" 190lbs ...What's the one thing God didnt give me ...... FOREARMS !!! I have been lining my gauntlets with black foam . Haven't actually had a chance to wear them , so I dont know if they will spin or not .

PROBLEM SLOVED!!!!! just bought a ruffkin gauntlet kit(y)

Guess ill be getting rid of the fiberglass ones here soon, watch the cargo hold!
Put the weatherstriping foam in there untill you have to squeeze the bottom shell to get it on , it wont turn then, also put some velcro on the top of your gloves and inside your gauntlet top.
I have a ruffkin kit myself. I haven't finished painting it but I have the halves put together. I used foam inside & I really have to force them to make them spin. 8)
My arms are VERY SMALL, as are my should I white foam in them? I ahve a white jumpsuit.
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