Got my MLC arena JP

Jango 5204

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Just got my new MLC stubby delivered. It's so light and a thing of beauty. This is an upgrade from my prior stubby, which might be available shortly. I'm open to any suggestions on assembly ie... attaching the back panel.



Comparison picture of my current against the new MLC.


Jango 5204

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Very nice! Who made your currect JP?

Not sure, It was originally a classic kit Cruzer had left over more than a year ago. I converted it to arena. The inside is a rigid/hard foam type material. Didn't come with a back on it, I had to add that. I don't know much about JP's to say. I had to dig it out and put a rod through it to support the straps. It's heavy, probably 12lbs or so. I used a lot of resin:lol: :lol: It was my first kit .

Jimmy BufFETT

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Looks pretty darn good if ya ask me. 2 questions for ya:
1) How much does your new :jet pack weigh?
2) What are ya plannin' on doin' wiuth the old one?

Jango 5204

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It didn't even register on my digital scale, it's very light, just acouple of puonds I'd guess. The older one will go to a good home, I hope.


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Is that your lucky "dog's" foot in the first pic?:)

JP looks like a nice new toy! And the accuracy looks good to me.(y)


isnt that jet pack gorgeous? I love mine! i just glued thin strips of velroe all the way around the lip so the plate just velcroes into the pack


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for attaching the backplate;
slavefive used 2 hinges along the top
I opted to not even attach the backplate on mine
it's covered,so I didn't bother