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First, nice place you guys got here! Been reading few days now a LOT of GREAT info!

I just finished my first costume and I am now searching the web for my next great project.

My question is, what would be the best Boba Helmet for me? If I decide to do Fett I would like to do ROTJ. The problem I have is I have a big head and I'm 6'1'. (Head size is round 24" maybe add a half an inch on that. :lol:)

With my size I should do a Vader costume ( another one I am looking into of course. haha) but I am checking out all avenues and then decide which would be the best for me and the old wallet.

I've been looking at the Mystery helmet alot on the boards. Would this be something for me to be thinking about or should I look at something else? Like the price of the helmet and I don't mind painting. I like a challenged!

Thanks for any help!:)
Welcome to TDH! If Boba is going to be your next costume then you will find everything you need right here!
I'm 6'4' and have an MS3, Sgt Fang and an MSH2 on the way. Both the MS3 and Fang fit me fine and look good scale wise!
Hope that helps you a bit.
Good luck
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