Gorilla Glue


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Has anyone had any experince with Gorilla Glue with Sintra? Before I start puting these gauntlet parts together, let me know what you think.
I've never used it with Sintra before, but I do know that the stuff expands quite a bit as it dries. Other than that, I afraid I can't help ya, but I'm sure someone else here can.


I've used gorilla glue with sintra for my jango knees with success. Just keep in mind that you can make a first class mess; it foams as it dries, and its hard to get it off without a bit of sanding. Good luck!



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Less is more with that stuff, and if gluing something together with it. Use only a few lines near the inside then sand off the foam part. I glued my blaster together with it and have dropped it twice and it held together.

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I used to be a big fan of gorilla glue, but I found it became TOO stiff so if you flexed your armor a little (and you do A LOT when wearing it), it will ultimately come right off.


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I used it to glue the velcro to all my armor and gauntlets and its held up well. It does however expand when it dries but I cleaned it up after it dried with my Dremil.


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I used the Gorilla Glue to glue my t-visor but some of the glue stuck to the t-visor. Does anyone know how to remove it? Thanks.