Glues for Sintra ????


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I have been working on making my own gauntlet pieces like the flame thrower and the whipcord launcher. I am making them from Sintra but am having problems keeping the parts together. I have tried a 2 part clearplastic epoxy, I have tried Goop glue and also tried Super glue. They all seem to hold at first but as I start sanding and working with then the bonds seem to break. I have used clamps after each glue has been applied but none of these seem to made a good bond.

What do you use? Specific Brands if possible.

Jodo Kast 2749

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Krazy Glue.

They even have one that is better with plastics.
Just keep some nail polish remover handy in case you glue! :lol:

phantom viper

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Yup, I agree. Good old cyanoacrylate AKA super glue. Works vary well with sintra. I have noticed that when I use super glue to fix cracks in sintra it comes out stronger than it was to begin with.


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I'd also try the 5-min epoxy for plastic. It comes in pair of black tubes and can be found at pretty much any hareware store. It holds really damn well, and it's got a fast cure time.


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You need to use a glue called ''SEAL ALL'' its a clear glue and it works excellent on syntra and many many other things. ''Trust me on this one''. Just lightly sand every part
wich you are glueing together than apply ''SEAL ALL''they will join like you wouldn't believe. You can even boil the syntra in hot water after they are glued together in case you need to shape them and they wont even come apart. Just follow the instructions , very simple ''it will work on syntra''. BTW you can find it at Home depot or most hardware stores for just about 3.00 bucks. ''Have fun''...


I think I've used some stuff called E9000 or E3000, but I'd say Super Glue works best, just be careful. I think if you use baby oil on your hands first it keeps it from gluing to you, or maybe that's if you work on cars it keeps you from having to scrub hard to clean up. Either way...


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Ya I had a hard time keeping the snaps on my armor untill I found the pvc krazy glue at the hardware store. I tested two pieces and it broke in another place.