Gloves-feedback please


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I just dyed, and sewed on patches for my second pair of boba fett gloves. The first pair was spray painted gray...:lol: I believe these turned out a bit nicer. Lemme know what some of you think, suggestions, etc. Thanks.



Is there any padding under the sewn on white bits? I've heard of others here that have done that, and i think the originals were slightly padded, although I have been know to be wrong from time to time. Otherwise looking good. Thanks for the idea about the spray paint btw


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Looks like a good start.

Where did you get your base glove from?

What type of material are you using for the padding? Is it cotton?


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For the base glove, I used what tk-409 suggested on his website, at some parade site. (can't remember off the top of my head)

There is no padding underneat the cotton white tips, but that is a grand idea, and I think that i'm going to add that to make them look a bit bulkier! Thanks for the idea.