Giant plastic flower pot armor


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Hey guys, I found a few old flower pots. They need a little cleaning up is all.
In some posts, I notice a lot of you all have bucket armor. My flower pots are ver similar to them, they're HUGE. My guess is that they're 35 gallons, maybe less. My question is to those people with bucket armor: does it work out ok? it won't break easily, will it?



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Ok, I went ahead and tried the flower pot idea anyway. It seems to be ok. It's a lot better then flexiglass. I still might end up ordering the armor instead though. Just in case now, I will keep looking into making it or just keeping the one I got. I already made 3 pieces of the chest plates.



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fiberglas armor is possibly the best you can get.

plexi-glas is easier to work with for yourself then the fiberglas method and it's alot thicker then the trash/flower pot armor pieces, making it look a bit more real.

a flowerpot or a trash can really doesn't make much difference.
You might want to try some paint tests just to see if everything sticks after sanding, primer etc...


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ah ok. I looked into fiberglass as well. My grandfather told me that the material to make it could really hurt me or my eyes or something, i dunno. I looked at the stuff to make it. Is it risky?


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Fiberglass isn't harmful if you use it properly. Its many, many little fibers and can really get under your skin. It will itch like mad if contacts your skin, and CAN mess up your eyes if you get it in there. Wear long sleeved shirt and saftey gogles and all will be well...

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also I would wear a filter type mask as well over your mouth. If you sand it you don't want to be breathing in anything hazardous. I believe it is what it is 'fiber glass' :) My father expressed concerned to when I told him I might be working with fiberglass. But like they say it isn't harmful if you just are cautious.


Definatly wear one of the more expenisve respirators as well, rather than the cheap, cloth type masks. And be sure to change your clothes afterwards. Because the particles that collect on your clothes, alone, can be very harmful.

And have fun!

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And don't forget the gloves!!! Resin is super sticky and fibre glass super itchy.. and together they make quite a mess..

And you'd want to wash your hands and face right after you've been sanding it down. Fibreglass dust is not fun to get into your eyes.. trust me on this one. Used up an entire bottle of eye fluid (the ones for contact lenses) to wash it out..


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Well, I want to join the 501st legion. And from what the guys in the forums said, It's going to cost me a LOT of time and/or money. I'm already trying to pan things out for that.


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I talked to the people in the forums again. They tell me not to worry about the price and focus on the looks. I'm going to get work done on my helmet soon and I was told of a guy that MAY be able to make armor for me so I can join the legion.


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I experimented with the shoulder bells today. I used jelly and fiberglass cloth over a templated piece of trash can armor (styrelite 8 gal) and it actually appears to be working out. I primed the piece first cuz i wasn't sure if it would adhere but it did. Now i'll have some trimming and sanding but this is a cheap way to get nice fiberglass armor without spending $150+. And i know if it can work for the bells it can work with the cod, knee, and chest armor. Materials go like this

8 gal Styrelite Plastic Trash Bin (Walmart $4.97) (Shoulder Bells)
13 gal Styrelite Plastic Trash Bin (Walmart $6.97) (Chest Armor, Cod Etc.)
Fiberglass Repair Jelly Tub (Walmart $10.97)
Fiberglass Cloth-Bags(Walmart $7.97)
or Two in 1 Fiberglass Repair Kit (Walmart 10.97) *less materials however than the above)

but yes like i said above, outside or open garage. wear goggles. and gloves, and a breath mask even when sanding. becauuse the stuff i got on my gloves i definately didn't want on my hands. and when i get a chance to sand my experimental bell i definately don't want the dust in my mouth or eyes.

i hate stuff in my eyes

good luck with whatever you go with. and it's true, you don't need to be rich to have a good fett, just artistic.