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Ok Peep's here it is, I'm calling it my Jango Version .75! I started it back in March and worked like a dog to get it done in time along with my Hellboy for DC, but was unable to finish my gauntlets and Arena jet pack!:( Although as luck would have it, the very kind and gracious Mirax was able to borrow me her gear since she was StarShip Troopin' it for most of DC!:thumbsup: This allowed me not only to enjoy the fruits of my labor up to that point, but also the opportunity to have Brak's once again do some great photography!:eek: :love :thumbsup: So that's why I can't offically label it a fully finished 1.0 Version, but would still like to give a "Big THX" to those that helped me bring it together up to this point! So since I've finally got a little break in the action, I thought I'd have some fun and whip-up some trading cards, minus the bubble gum, so here it goes from Head 2 Toes...

BKBT: For The All important Bucket! I can't say how much I love this thing, it was a really nice kit and I tried my best to do it justice!

Hyperdyne: For his Blue Range Finder lights and trick remote control servo set-up that was so easy to install, a chimp could do it!!!:lol: It really adds an extra element of fun while trooping and the crowd @ DC loved it!

Armor: This has got to be one of the most hodge podge sets of armor ever, but in the end, I'm pretty pleased with the way it came together!

Collar and Right Chest Piece: Some Ebay Seller
Sholders, Left Chest, Diamond, Ab and Cod: Me:facepalm
Back Plate, Thighs, Knees, Shins, Feet: I also purchased these off ebay and I believe are also from BKBT, but not entirely shure!:confused

Good Ole' Mom:love : Flak Vest & Flight Suit

Ammo Belt: Take a guess, you only get one and if you get it wrong, you have to turn in your badge @ the front desk!:lol: (answer:SEEKER)

Cruzer: Holster Rig: What a guy, a real professional!!!8) :thumbsup:

Master Replicas: Blasters, but a special thanks to the shmuck who sold them off Ebay for 300 Shipped! Ohhhhhhh-K!;) :thumbsup:

Girth Belt: Me, but again, gotta give props to Cruzer for his excellent GB Tutorial, it doesn't get any easier than that!:cheers

Reinone: Boots...The One, The Only!!!8)

Dark Side: Exclusive High Quality Aluminum Pieces and his craftmanship is second to none!

So I quess that's pretty much it in a nut shell and I hope everyone digs it! Please speak up if I left anyone out and also keep your eyes open for the fully completed 1.0 version!












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Thats it! You could be our Midwest Jango Fett. I could finally start working on finishing off my Clonetrooper armor.;)
Yup, it's all just R-n-B! That product delivers a great effect, but by the time I was on the last pieces, I've sworn to never use it ever again! Arrrgh!, it can be really teadous and tempermental!:wacko It absolutley delivers the desired effect though, Sooooooo?

But hey guys, thank you much for the compliments, having the acknowledgement and respect of your peers means alot!

GBH, remember a Death Star Gunner approached ya Sunday afternoon @ D*C? That was me ... because that costume was jaw dropping!:eek::eek::eek: Ya done an absolutely amazing job with that one right there. Question for ya (and I know it may sound dumb) : where did you get the blue LEDs for the bucket. I saw the Hyperdyne rig, but it only had the red LEDs. Did I miss something?
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An outstanding Jango bro!! Your efforts turned out spectactular!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Pics look like ones straight from AOTC! :cheers

Scott, just ask Jim for the blue leds, he's very agreeable to special requests!

Hey Scott! Yeah I remember ya'! You had the very trick rifle with all the Hyperdyne sound effects!:love

Yeah! Just like Rex said, just ask and he'll swap out the Red L.E.D.s for the Blue!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

THX guys for the complimetns! I appreciate it!

Hey Kivas, as far as the direct backdrop behind me, Brak's was using a black sweep for the photo shoots with I believe a silvery gel. As Far as the boarder and support graphics, I'm a graphic designer, so last night I finally had a couple of hours of free time, so I just had some fun and just winged it!8)

Wow... you definantly did everything right the first time, unlike how I have done with many things, starting cheap then upgrading! Perfect model for people to look at when starting their serious Jango. Kudos!
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