Gauntlets: build or buy?



I need a wee bit of help if anyone out there can assist. I tried Secol's carboard gauntlets...they came out ok, but they were a bit flimsy anddidn't sit quite right...
I'd like to get a few pointers on how to make some good sintra ones or maybe some fiberglass ones. i'm on an EXTREMELY tight budget(as in i can't really exceed $200)
so if anyone could supply me with a tutorial or just some good pointers on making some good, fairly accurate gauntlets, that would be fantastic!
lol, if $200 is your ceiling you can certainly afford a vac'd kit from someone, or even in most cases a completed set on ebay. Are you really hell-bent on making them yourself?

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I've kinda got this thing about making the whole deal myself, I want it to look good and be all made by me so I can be proud of it and boast that I did it all myself....I haven't relaly checked Ebay out to much, typically i don't shop all....
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You'd spend more than $200 on just the equipment and supplies needed to vacuform your own and not much less (possibly more) trying to make a fiberglass pair. Both are kind of trial and error until you have really good molds. Even then, it really isn't worth the money just to make one set UNLESS you want the pride of making your own. Don't get me wrong, it can be done as Fettcicle and a few others have proven. I'd personally recommend buying a vac'd kit which you are still technically making yourself (assembly, painting, etc.). If you look around here enough, you may just locate a source for them. If not, they seem to show up pretty regularly on eBay.
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i've been known to dabble in the cardboard dept, they look ok but nowhere near as good as a if you get a vacuformed/fibreglass set, which you'll easily pick up for under 200
I'll second BobaFettish, if you get a vacuformed/fibreglass kit, after the assembly, painting, weathering, re-painting, re-weathering :wacko (you get the idea!!) you'll definatly get the satisfaction of creating them yourself.

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im making my gauntlets out of sintra and styrene.i just completed the top and bottom halves today.$200 bucks is just way out of my price range for anything.i have to say what you dont pay out of your pocket you pay for in time.i think i spent about 6 hours over a hot stove bending sintra today:lol:
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Well since I didn't want to waste room for another topic. I want to know has any body tried making gauntlets out of those big plumbing pipes and model clay ?
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yes acctually, i can't remember specifically who told me, but you can make gauntlets by making a clay form and layering that fiberglass stuff they use on casts over it to that form, that creates a mold and you use some sort of plastic resign to make the acctual gaunt, i'm acctually looking into trying this, i think they might come out much better...and much stronger than my last attempt
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yea fett4u....i did the same...only it took me about 20 minutes experimenting with scrap pieces before i got sick of it....definately going w/ some sort of platic of fiberglass resign.....I DEFINATELY can't afford a pair off ebay, it just seems to way out there, 200-300 for a premade i like having the left over supplies around for some other crazy project i might start...heh, a vac-forming set up doesn't seem like not much of a bad investment anymore, i've been eye that biker scout armour alot lately...heh
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and to add yet another post
i'd just like some pointers on this "stacking technique", is there any shortcuts i can take to save my precious sintra?
what other extras should i have?...other than bondo
so in short...tutorial please :-D
thanks all
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Where are you finding vacformed kits for under 200$ I've been watching ebay like a hawk lately in the hopes of finding something fairly cheap for a custom fett I'm going to be working on in the next few weeks.

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what is this model magic?
and i've kinda already started my gauntlets out of sintra, i'm definately feeling the slaving over the stove pain, i've got chalases and burns like hell...
anyway, i've got the top and bottom halves formed for both, and i'm starting on cutting out and just gluing to together the basic i gotta get some bondo and salve it on there and sand it down to my form...otherwise this isn't all that hard and taking all that long...i really don't know what you all are complaining about...i'm sure i'll find out soon enough though
thanks again all(pointers still welcome!)
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Model Mgicj is this clay made by Crayola. Its cheap and easy to mold. Drys quick though
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I made boba and jango gautlets out of pvc plumbers pipe(the gray stuff)and built up the details with the same stuff,as it kinda fits the curves of the gaunt shell........then,I just shaped and sanded,glued and painted......came out was my 1st go at it..the next ones should be better.......i live in australia,and if i spent us$2oo,that would turn into au$500 plus with,if anyone living in Oz can help me with molds or sell me a coupla sets,i'd love to hear from you.......jeez..........if ONLY i wer'nt obsessed with getting it right........
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As for making your own, you should see Metalboy's gauntlets. Made from sheetmetal.
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Actually, there has been a few people on TDH that has sucessfully made a set of Gauntlets out of CardBoard. So before you go spending alot on Gauntlets, do some research on some Gauntlets :p. I just might try making a set of CB Guants, it would have save me a bundle. :lol:
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