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Sr Hunter
I recently purchased some of Ruffkintoy's gauntlets, and I set them up to fit LEDs, so I go down to Radio Shack, buy what they tell me to, and the battery pack sets fire. I go down today, get a new one that holes more batteries, and well.. it killed the LEDs. Does anyone know the exact pieces to get? Obviously Radio Shack has no idea what they are doing.
yeah RS is clueless. i have the same gauntlets with the same question for when i add leds to mine.

HEY, GCN... i was just in vegas for four days last weekend racing.... super cold out there this time of year :-|
I bought all my parts at RS. They asked me for help and I said no.
I have had no problems with my battery back. I even left it one once for a day. No problems here.
First, they sold me two LEDs, red is 1.7 volt, and the green was 2.1 volt. They also sold me a two battery pack. I was then told by ruffkintoy that AA batteries are 1.5, and I know simple math, and 1.7+2.1 equals more than 3 volts.

In the store, the guy opens the package to play with the things to see if he can get them to work with both LEDs on. First of all, he put the batteries in backwards, and I feel stupid for purchasing from this guy. He then strips some of the wire and tries to get them to work. I take them home and put together my little monster, and then it sets fire.

The next day, I go return my little burnt piece of crap and get a four batter back, the man at the counter said, "well if two didn't work, four should." I then go home, and fire it up, the LEDs didn't even power up all of the way, they got to a half way point and then shot themselves.
It was the battery pack, where the little spring meets the battery, it was red, and misspapen by the time I knew what was going on.
That sounds like things were wired up wrong. I can't explain it.
I only think it was wired wrong because by son did that to mine. It worked fine but the box was getting REALLY hot. I looked at it and took a wire out. No problems now.
Well i'm not sure how they could be wired wrong, red cord goes to one metal thing, and the black cord goes to the other little metal thing.
You also must remember that LED's are polarized, meaning the (+) and (-) but be connected to the correct leads. That wouldn't cause your fire though
The LEDs are just the two little bulb things. I have my problem fixed now :)

I have two AA battery packs, and have one pack go to each colour.
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