Gauntlet closing problem


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My gauntlets are a thin plastic, don't know who they are made by just got them off a fellow member a while back. My dilema is that it uses velcro to close the gauntlets, but the flamethrower and the part that sticks on the side of the right gauntlets are starting to breakaway from the side of the gauntlet. Not fully broken off but eventually I see it happening, now my main question is...Is there a better way to have them to stay closed other than velcro, because I know that eventually the pieces will come off and I will need to re-attach?

I'm hoping to just get fiberglass ones, because the plastic is really that thin on these and I really wouldn't mind having all my armor to match in fiberglass lol! But also not having much luck on finding the gauntlets ESB style, plus on a tighter budget atm.
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reinforce them on the inside with fiberglass/resin, you can get all the stuff at Lowes, ect...

That will stiffen em up and keep em from flexing/eventually breaking.
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