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First posting here so please bear with me! Recently obtained a set of ESB gauntlets from Ruffkintoys (great set by the way, highly recommended) and need some advice about assembling and spraying them. So here goes:

1/ What is the best method for filling in the occasional gap/air bubble in resin castings?

2/ What color green should I use when spraying them (I intend to use automotive spray cans, UK colors would be very helpful)?

3/Can anyone provide me with some decent views of the screen used gauntlets for weathering reference?

Any other advice people think relevant would be great.
If the air bubbles aren't too bad a good filler primer will take care of them."Plasticote" filler primer will fill up to 1/16" so it's a good name to start with.

Since ESB colors have been identified I would consider using the Panzer Olive Green found at While it hasn't been 100% confirmed that it was used on the gauntlets,it's about 99% and will look better than ANY spray can color used.Think about it ;)

Unfortunately there aren't ANY decent reference pics for closeups of the ESB suit.What you've probably already seen are what exist.A handful of production stills and promo shots are all that we ESBers have to go on.

Hope that helps a bit. :) LMK if you need any of those pics or if you haven't seen happens ;)

Good luck
Thanks guys, most helpful. Which is accurate though? Toggle switches on the right gauntlet or rotary? Only I have seen both used.
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