Full Metal Electronic Westar 34's

WJY is almost ready folks!!! Preorder starts February 6th! For those without Facebook (like me) I will be back to post a google doc link to the sign in...

Installs are AWESOME!!! These came out so amazingly beautiful... all aluminum and brass! METAL HANDLES!!! Chassis and sound boards will also be available if you're gonna want electronics.

Otherwise these will also make the (as far as I'm concerned) the MOST accurate static display pieces EVER!

DEMO VID and run details can be found here:
Here's another link to that demo video incase you have trouble opening the Facebook link? (They can be pesky sometimes)
They look awesome, but man that is expensive. Tramp stuff is awesome as well. I got his speaker with the remotes and it's super cool to have audio clips come out that you set.
Almost there baby!!! Save your nickels... I CAN HARDLY WAIT
Are they selling the stand separately? I don’t have Facebook to check
On the sign up form it asks if you want a stand separate and also a chassis kit for electronic installs but as far as selling "just" the stand I don't believe so? I can try to find out but the sign up form also states that the stand is designed specifically for these models so not 100% sure they would work for say, MRs or other versions?

Hope that helps
Oh yeah baby!!! Got my blasters today! Got the install kits chassis and parts along with it... gonna be installed real soon! Got my acrylic display stand as well. I'll get that hung up tomorrow. Didn't have any shelf brackets I liked so I'll get some tomorrow.


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