FT\'s New Armor - Added pics


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FT's New Armor - Added pics

OK, after talking with a few of the TDH members at DCon, I decided to remake my chest armor, size it down to fit my frame, and meticulously paint it correctly for ESB.

Here is the original armor I started with.

Now,here are my new pieces.

Another shot from the DVD release, me and Bamatrooper.

You can see I shortened the length of the armor up, and also modified the length of my vest. With it shorter, I actually have that little gap between my armor vest and belts.

10-16-04 UPDATE

Ok, finally finished painting and weathering my final two pieces last night so without further ado...

Front Cod Piece

This was made out of sintra and bondo. I really think it is one of my best pieces.

Rear Butt Plate

Don't mind the hole in it. I didn't realize it was there until I had cut and shaped it...I'm just too lazy to make another right now

Finally together.

Now all I have to do is add my G-string elastic to it.

Thoughts? Comments?

1) The armor looks great to me.
2) It's missing a certain set of lights ... ;)

Great work!

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Ahhh... the lights are there in the last photo, but alas, they didn't show up in the shot. Sorry!

I need a piece of tint over the holes. What I have in there is too dark to show up well in photos. When I get them mounted properly, I'll get some more photos up - Just for you ;)
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For sale you say.... Hmmmmm. By the way nice suit you got their too.
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That is one awesome looking suit. Your new armour looks great! What are you using for colors? Well done(y)
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Greame, Damian - Thanks for the kind comments.

I'm almost done with my new cod piece. I should have it finished by this weekend. When that's done, I'm through upgrading my armor for now. I'll add some photos of them.

Damian, I'm using just plain old spray paint. Rustoleum, I believe. I use the Moss Green, then dust over it with Hunt Club Green. This looks really dark, but then I "dry rag" weather it with Testors Olive Matte and Black. This isn't really apparent in the photos, but in person, it gives it a nicely weathered look - IMO.

The yellow I use is the same brand - Summer Squash I believe. It is really too yellow so I weather it good. I have some Caterpillar Yellow, but it doesn't like to play well with other paints and tends to take days to dry. Hope that helps.
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