FT\'s ESB Gauntlets


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FT's ESB Gaunts

Ok, Chuck asked that I post some pics when I got them done, so here they are. The pics turned out a little dark - sorry


The left gauntlet features my scrath-made flamethrower. The rest was from Chuck's kit. The flamethrower was made from 1/4" aluminum rod (I turned the indentions on my drill press), some brass tubing, copper tubing, a flange off of a paint brush, and solid hunk of aluminum I cut with a hacksaw (whew!).


The right, is pretty much the kit, except I added aluminum panels to the rope-shooter.

You can see in both pics, that I used rivets to hold my sides together. It may not be dead on accurate, but I planned on wearing this thing a lot and wanted to be sure it wouldn't come apart.

Comments and questions welcomed.
Looks great. I never thought about using rivets to assemble mine. Great idea. Nice work on that flame thrower(y)
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Thanks for the kind words!

AdvCon? Sho 'nuff! ...and me thinks there are going to be PLENTY of Mandalorians at this one!
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What did you use for the 4 little missle's on the guant. I have been having a hard time finding what ot use on them.

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TK-409's site has a link to where you can acquire a set of those darts. I think they are like $41.
THey are made out of machined aluminum.
Alot of people will use Bic Pens too. They look pretty good but still do not compare to the machined ones.
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Thanks for the kind comments.

Actually my missles came with the kit I bought from Ruffkins.
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Huh? my rufkin kit did not come with those. I will have ot email him.

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I know what ya mean i ordered Some ROTJ boba fett gauntlets. I'm currently working on them. But since these gauntlets are for my custom they'll be silver instead of the occasional red.
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