FrankFett's Finished Helmet


Ok guys, here it is, my first attempt at an ESB semi-accurate Fett helmet. I did all of the painting this weekend, and you guys were right, definetely takes some time and patience! So tell me what you think, but don't be too hard on me! Remember I'm new at this! Here are some progression photos, sorry for the bad quality, only camera I could come up with!


(P.S. the lighting made some of the silver really shine!)

Picture 11.jpg

Picture 12.jpg

Picture 13.jpg

Picture 14.jpg

Picture 15.jpg

Picture 18.jpg

Picture 19.jpg

Picture 20.jpg
Thats your 1st atempt at a ESB bucket??? Wow!!! Looks like you've got the knack;) That looks way better than my first atempt...In fact, I had to do 3 of them before I got one that looked that good. Some advice: You may want to use a scuff pad on it to dull it down a tad more, and maybe do a black wash on it. Lookin good man;)
FrankFett said:
So tell me what you think, but don't be too hard on me! Remember I'm new at this!

Could've fooled me! That looks awesome. It is a little too shiny, but that's an easy fix. The first pic looks like mine. I can't believe you did this in one weekend, WOW!
thats just looking... I dunno... bloody awesome!!!!!!!! :cheers

good job, same advice, black wash to dull it, might wanna redo some silver spots after the black wash or misting... or both...
Took your guys' advice and black misted it. When I get a decent camera to take photos I will post again, those pictures truly do not do it justice! Thanks for all the helpful critisicm!

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