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On a side note, this thread has become long enough, we're going to have to retire this one after this current run. So far I've been adding members to the list in the order they posted their interest. The next run we'll start interest from scratch. So subsequent runs will each have a new thread, so that interest can be established on a first come, first serve basis for that current run. This way, members who expressed interest before won't have to feel locked in if they are no longer in a position to participate (which I fully understand when so much time passes), and it will be less to keep track of for me. So if you've posted your interest somewhere in this thread, and are still wanting to particiapate, please look for the next *New* thread. In the interest of still trying to be fair, if you have expressed your interest here, and want an equal spot in a current list, just let me know and I will make sure you have a slot before another newly interested member. My apologies for any inconvenience.


Hey Gang!

Ok, so the above was posted by me (obviously) in the first HUGE thread that got pretty convoluted :lol: So we're starting from scratch here, for everyone's sake.

The process is now streamlined. However, because the last interest thread had soo much time go by between runs, there were members that expressed interest a run or two back, whom were no longer in a postion for armor. Now please don't get me wrong, I understand completely. Life happens. Especially when soo much time passes. So to be fair, from now on we will keep this current for any given month with a new thread.

We had a lot of musical slots last time and it complicated matters because after making a set number of either version (ESB or ROTJ), and a member needed to drop, another member couldn't necessarily take that slot because it may not have been the correct version for them, and I had no material left to account for this. Again, it made it very difficult for me, being that I pay for these materials up front.

Most of you that have been around for a while know, that I'm problably one of the only guys out there that do NOT require "Pre-Payments". In fact, I think I may have been the first to start doing things that way, way back when there were seedy characters taking money from unsuspecting fans, without providing goods or services in return. In every effort to be fair and continue working this way, I will try the *New Thread* (current for each month) and see how it goes. But I may have to eventually take pre-payments if it continues to go the way it did last month. Please understand that this wouldn't be to be mean or to be a jerk. But when I pay for materials up front, and potentially not get a return, it can hurt. So again, before resorting to taking "Pre-Payments" and locking members into a first come first serve commitment, I will go this route and see how we fair.

As stated in the previous thread, prices of materials have gone up. I have been able to keep the prices "Status Quo" in spite of it. But I may not be able to do this much longer. So as it stands right now, for this months run, the prices will remain the same.

This is officially April's Interest list ... if there is enough interest, I will order materials and get this going. I need 10 to make this happen at the prices given below. If there are more than 10, I will make more slots available, but we'll have to see in this week to come, becasue I do need to order materials at the same time to make this work.


Boba Fett Armor (FP V.2) ESB or ROTJ
with Vac formed knees - $255 shipped in the U.S.

(chest, cod, shoulders, collar, back plate, kidney plate, knees, center diamond with metal insert, green visor for chest light display)

Boba Fett Armor (FP V.2) ESB or ROTJ
no knees - $220 shipped in the U.S.

(chest, cod, shoulders, collar, back plate, kidney plate, center diamond with metal insert, green visor for chest light display)

Pay-Pal payments can be made to boznose@charter.net

Pictures of most of the armor can be seen in these two threads until I move the pics here ...

The *NEW* FPARMOR - Magic of Myth

FP V.2 Interest Thread (FINALLY!) And FP Update

>>>>>>>>>> APRIL LIST MOVED TO POST #31 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

First to post their commitment, makes the list. Keep in mind, this may be the last chance before Celebration 4 to get your armor and have it painted in time ! Otherwise, there's Comic Con San Diego ! ;)

Thanks everyone !

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Are you only offering complete sets? Im looking for ESB shoulders. So, um, maybe? Does begging help? :p
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Heya guys,

Thanks for the interest so far :cheers

Laan - at this point, it's hard to part things out with a certain amount of material, as some of these molds are one piece design, then there would be excess plastic pieces that have no home unless someone need only a specific part. If I have an extra set of something particular that is left over from something that part of it was a bad pull for instance, then no prob. Let me see what I have out in the shop ... if I have an extra set, I'll glady hook you up. Alternatively, by the end of each run there could be a part left over from an error too, so if I don't have it now, it doesn't mean I won't soon :)

Still at least 5 more slots to fill to get this moving guys ... remember, I still need to order the materials. I'd like to see where this list is going in the next coucple of days or so ...

Thanks again,

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I totally understand FP. Thanks for the effort (y) . It's greatly appreciated.
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oh mama...I cannot pass this one up! Please put me down for and ESB set with knees please!!!
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I just updated the list guys and gals ...

2 or more slots still available ...

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Thanks bro !

One more slot and we're a go !

If there are other interested members after slot #10, just post here and we'll make accomodations for ya.


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Please put me down for ROTJ w/ no knees. Finally getting started on my second costume. Thanks
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Alrightythen :lol:

Thanks a bunch guys ...

We're officially a go for April. Ordered materials today. Hopefully the shipment will be here by Saturday. If not, first thing Monday and I can get this knocked out !

There are 5 extra slots available if there are other members interested. Just post here with your commitments.


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