Found a good helmet liner


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I have seen a few threads about what to use for a helmet liner and I found a pretty good solution. I picked up an old street hockey helmet from Play It Again Sports, stripped out the padding, and glued it inside. I must say that it looks cool and fits pretty snug. Only cost $8 and the pads fit in perfectly with no cutting. Here's a pic. I do plan on painting the interior eventually, but I just wanted to show everyone what it looked like inside. The bucket is a fiberglass kit from skygunbro.

I think that it was called a CCM Street helmet. I bought it used, so it was pretty beat up. It got torn apart pretty bad during the "liner extraction" so I just tossed the husk in the garbage. I think that they are all about the same, though.
Yeah, the ice hockey helmet is much better. Too bad I live in Alabama. I think a used ice hockey helmet might be hard to find!
unfortunetely this wont work for me, my nose already presses on the visor (although thats partly due to a badly shaped 5 minute visor) and my head pretty much has to touch the top of the helmet, tight rubies with fiberglassing... lol... cheecks.. i might be able to do.. but i want to include fan and stuff.. so yea.. have to stick with my little hard hat liner.
I tried a hard hat liner, and foam - I actually need to have the top of the dome bare on my head, since if I have foam up there I can't see through the visor!
So for now, I've gone with some foam round the edges. It'll do til hallowe'en's done.
Then I start looking for a hockey helmet like that :)
CodytheSeparatist said:
Okay.. i found a bunch of jofa helmets... can you guys tell me which is best to get? i don't know what is old school and whats new school here...with the type of padding in the above pics.
As far as which is the best to get, without seeing the inside, it's hard to tell. Pretty much all of the helmets have the same "type" of liners, the differences are probably going to be in color or materials. It might be a good idea to stop by your local sporting goods store, just to take a look at the helmets to get an idea of what the liners look like. Since the opening for the face area is pretty standard on all of the hockey helmets, any one of them should work fine. My motto is, "the cheaper the better" since you are only buying it for the liner anyway.
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