Floquil equivalents?


Sr Hunter
Hi all,
Just curious if anyone has done any research into equivalent brands for the Floquil/Polly Scale paints to use for painting armor.
From the exhaustive research done by Rogue Studios, I would say it's generally accepted that the Floquil/Polly S color of choice is "U.S. Medium Green", number 505082. I was looking into paints by other manufacturers that would be the same, and I looked into what "Federal Standard" color the Floquil US Med Green would be.
I checked a couple of different color/paint sites, and they gave the US Med Green a designation of "ANA 612." I then cross-referenced this to another site, which told me that "ANA 612" is equal to FS 34079. From there, I searched for that FS color in the Testors Model Master line (which is generally easily found in most good hobby shops), and the color I found was called simply "Dark Green, FS 34079." Now, according to the color chart I viewed online, it appears to be pretty much dead on.

So that was a really long set-up to ask this question: has anyone ever tried that particular color, Testors MM Dark Green, on their armor?

The whole reason for this question is that there's a hobby shop near me that carries a whole boat load of Floquil/Polly S colors. But they're all the railroad colors, and they don't normally stock any colors in the 5xxxxx series (the military colors). So they'd have to be special ordered. . . which takes forever.

Any thoughts from our experienced painters out there?
I used Testors Model Master medium green (FS 34102) on my armor, but I think I'm going to repaint it, it looks a little too dark and a little too olivey green. I'll try the Model Master dark green sometime tomorrow.
I'd like to know if there are any spray paint colors that match from Testors,
when I was searching for the US Medium Green I found a Spray paint color
from Testors that looked close.
Thanks for the replies, all!
By coincidence, the Polly S US Med Green I ordered over a month ago came in today, just after I had bought a can of the Testors Dk Green.
I'm going to try them both on my cod piece, and if the difference isn't too noticeable, I'll probably go with the Testors. It's easier to work with and more widely available.
Color test photos to come!
I used testors medium green out of the spray can a few years back...I thought it looked terrible & promptly repainted it (very olive in color). I think there is quite a bit of difference between Testors Us med green spray VS the floquil US med green.
This is the Testors Model Master medium green, out of the spray can. This coat is a little thin and splochy looking, it was more or less a test run.


OK, I did a color test with the Testors Dk Green (FS 34079) versus the Polly Scale US Med Green. . . I won't even put up a pic, cuz the results were immediately different. The Testors had way too much olive tone to it.
So much for taking the easy route. :facepalm

On the other hand, the Testors made a really nice base coat so I didn't have to airbrush as much Polly S Green over it!
Oh well, experiment over. :)
I know this sounds weird, but the Model Master equivalent of Floquil's U.S. Med green is Euro I Dark Green according to the Testors chart I have.

The chart shows Floquil US Med green as A/N 612 / Approx FS 34092
My local hobby shop carries the Floquil railroad line, just had to special order that particular color, so I'm good. Thanks, though!

That is strange. The color charts I was referencing showed the Floquil AN 612 as FS 34079. Now that I've painted it on, it does look a lot like the Testors Euro I Dk Green. :confused
I repainted with the Testor's US Med Green spray last year and I too found the color too olive. It's still not perfect, but a couple of black acrylic washes will tone down the color a lot. BTW the pic in my link is before the washes ;)
I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and although I didn't buy any I took a good look at the Model Master medium green in the bottle. After shaking vigorously, the bottle color looked very different from the can. I would think that if airbrushed, the color from the bottle would work. I might go back up to HL tomorrow and get a bottle or two and give it a test drive. I'll post some pictures for comparison.
Well, the info I found on the web had led me to believe that the equivalent to Floquil US Med Green was Testors MM Dark Green, not Medium Green.
But as I mentioned above, I tried it out, and the tone was too olive.
The Floquil US Md Grn has a bluer base to it. This was obvious when I picked up the 3 bottles I had special ordered. A lot of the pigment had settled, and the more "liquidy" part definitely had a bluish tinge to it.
It looks to me like there is a difference between the bottle and spraycan versions of Testor's Model Master medium green. Both have the same number (FS34102), but they do appear to be slightly different shades. The color from the bottle is not nearly so olivey, and looks quite more accurate than the spraycan color.



The chestplate on the left (technically the right one) was painted with the bottle color.
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