Tambo Fett

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Not a good Idea...this topic has been around the block and I'm waiting for someone to do this in costume and get the Darwin award (posthumously)


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There have been kits and "plans" on EBAY...but Tambo is right...this would rank almost as high as the "lawn-chair-weather-balloon-floatation devise".

Think of it this way..everything that you are making your suit from and around is extremely flamable...You might as well take a gasoline shower TOMMYBOY style and have a cigar.

On the other note you can do some great PHOTOSHOP stuff like TK409...the supersafe way.


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I would also imagine that having the gauntlets that close to such a strong heat source would melt them, at least partialy, ending in disaster.

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx