Flak vest material question


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Looks good. I ordered some fabric samples so I'm going to see how that goes. The sheen and the way in which the fabric folds is what's most important to me. I saw someone's Hoth x-wing flight jacket from the RL and the material seemed right. I just want to find something that convinces me more than my current tackle twill vest.


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What are people's thoughts on Sateen finished Cotton? (In other words curtain lining)
It's normally light to mid weight, and has this beautiful shine.
Link provided so you can see how the fabric is woven. The shine isn't brilliant in this pic.


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To anyone who might find this long dead thread. I have your answer... Paul Blake (Greedo) told me they used nylon parachute canvas material to build Greedos suit, which matches the material of Fetts flak vest. Just look up images of any nylon jacket. It has all the attributes everyone in the thread is looking for. Double layered nylon with light batting between the two is was I guarantee the vest and neck piece are made of.
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